CEMET is a leading logistics operator present on the Polish market since 1958. The Company specialises in rendering logistics services and organising railway transport of loose materials in bulk for the cement, lime and energy industry at home and abroad. It has the largest number of specialist railcars, i.e. approx. 3 000 CEMET-owned railcars, to transport loose materials.

Thanks to many years of experience, CEMET has become a reliable business partner providing its clients with comprehensive solutions that include: railway transport and freight forwarding, reloading services, railcar lease, railway siding management, licensed transports as well as road transport and freight forwarding – CEMET SERWIS.

CEMET has 6 local units and 7 railway siding service teams located at cement and lime industry plants in Poland. Our local units have technical resources necessary for the maintenance of freight railcars. To meet clients' expectations, the Company develops the sector of railway siding service as well as road transport and freight forwarding as CEMET Serwis.

CEMET owes its leading position on the market to experience and know-how of over 400 staff members who apply the principles of partnership, responsibility and innovation in their daily business practice. An important part of the Company's success is a friendly organisational culture that promotes professional ethics. The fact that CEMET has been awarded the title of the Fair Play Company several times proves its philosophy right. In all aspects of business, the Company strives to continuously improve the quality of services it renders and to ensure a high standard of working conditions, safety and environmental protection.

CEMET holds the following certificates:

  • Certification of the Entity in Charge of the Maintenance of the Rolling Stock/ECM Certification
  • Safety Certificate – Part A
  • Safety Certificate – Part B
  • Freight Rail Carrier Licence
  • Fair Play Company Certificate
  • Distinction for the Best Developing Company from Rzeczpospolita's List of 2 000 Polish Enterprises

and is a member of the following organisations:

  • Land Transport Chamber of Commerce
  • Rail Business Forum