To optimise the supply chain of our clients, we integrate the best transport and freight forwarding solutions. We render services for the cement, lime and energy industry at home and abroad, yet we perform services for related industries as well.

We have the largest number of specialist railcars, i.e. approx. 3 000 CEMET-owned railcars, to transport and store powdered materials: cement, limestone flour, ground quicklime, hydrated lime, sorbent, ash, gypsum, chalk and dry sand. We have also Talbot Fals 24 Ve railcars to transport coal, coke, slag, clinker and gravel.

In response to market demand, we develop the sector of railway siding service as well as road transport and freight forwarding. We also offer rental of specialised CEMET railcars to transport and store loose materials in bulk and we operate under our own carrier licence.

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