A four-axle Fals 24 Ve coal railcar is designed for transport of coal, coke and loose materials with similar own bulk density. The railcar's cargo space is 69 m3. The railcar is loaded and unloaded by means of gravity respectively by using special bucket or conveyor belt devices and via open walls (discharge flaps) of its body, which are opened by manually-operated unloading mechanisms. The railcar can be unloaded from each side individually or from both sides at once by manipulating the unloading mechanism.


Railcar technical specification
Railcar length over buffers 14 600 mm
Maximum railcar height over top of rail in an empty condition 3 575 mm
Maximum railcar width 3 090 mm
Maximum railcar speed in an empty condition 100 km/h
Maximum railcar speed in a loaded condition 90 km/h
Track gauge 1 435 mm
Minimum curve radius 80 m
Bogie type 1XTa
Rolling wheel diametre 920 mm
Brake system Oerlikon
Control valve ESt3f – 16
Parking hand brake from the platform
Railcar tare 24 000 kg
Maximum loading capacity 56 000 kg