A two-axle 206Sh Us tank railcar is designed for transport of loose materials in pieces (e.g. gypsum stone, limestone, sand, clinker, gravel, slag). It is equipped with three tanks with total capacity of 42 m3 (3 x 14 m3). The railcar is loaded and unloaded by means of gravity respectively via charge manholes located on top of each tank and via discharge manholes placed in bottom of the tanks. Discharge flaps are opened from the railcar platform and closed using a special key on the railcar side. The railcar unloading system is designed so to allow for unloading of each tank individually or all of them at once.


Railcar technical specification
Maximum railcar speed in an empty condition 100 km/h
Maximum railcar speed in a loaded condition 100 km/h
Railcar length over buffers 12 340 mm
Railcar tare 14 500 kg
Track gauge 1 435 mm
Minimum curve radius 75 m
Rolling wheel diametre 1000 mm
Brake system Oerlikon
Control valve ESt3e – 12
Parking hand brake from the track level
Maximum loading capacity 25 500 kg
Charge manhole diametre 400 mm
DDischarge manhole diametre 650 mm
Time of unloading of 3 tanks at once 5 min